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Instructions for Brazilian Thoracic Association Guidelines and Consensus Statements


Brazilian Thoracic Association Guidelines and Consensus Statements are official Brazilian Thoracic Association documents prepared by invitation from the Editor-in-Chief of the Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia (JBP, Brazilian Journal of Pulmonology) or at the discretion of the Board of Directors, Departments, or Scientific Committees of the Brazilian Thoracic Association. The Scientific Committees take responsibility for the production of these documents and will appoint authors, collaborators, and rapporteurs. The methodology used should, whenever possible, follow the Associação Médica Brasileira (Brazilian Medical Association) norms of manuscript production, including a review of the literature, grades of recommendation, and levels of evidence.




 It is recommended that only the collaborators directly involved in preparing the final version of the text be listed as authors. It is important to identify which institutions the authors are affiliated with. At the end of the list of authors, a note such as "Group of the III Brazilian Consensus on Influenza" may be included. In the footnotes of the text, in small print, all members of the group will be listed, e.g., "Group of the III Brazilian Consensus on Influenza: José Manuel da Silva, Pedro Pereira..."



 The maximum number of authors allowed is 25.



 The various parts of the text will not be identified in terms of individual authorship.


 An initial unstructured abstract of no more than 250 words is mandatory. The abstract should describe in general terms the content of the document. An English-language version of the abstract must be provided.


 Three to six keywords in Portuguese and the corresponding keywords in English are necessary. Keywords in Portuguese must be taken from the Descritores em Ciências da Saúde (DeCS, Health Sciences Descriptors) list, published by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME) and available at, whereas keywords in English must be taken from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) list, available at


 Develop the topic as running text. Do not use a chapter structure, but separate the various themes using titles and subtitles. The text length, excluding the abstract, illustrations (i.e., figures, tables, and charts), and references, must be limited to 10,000 words.


 Names of referenced authors should be mentioned sparingly, and preference should be always given to numerical citations.


 Illustrations should be limited to a total of 15 (see "Instructions for Authors" on this website).

 References should be numbered as they appear in the text. There should be only one single list of references (at the end of the manuscript). The maximum number of references allowed is 250.


 References must conform to the JBP norms, which are based on the Vancouver referencing style. Please refer to the "Instructions for Authors" on the JBP homepage (


 An online supplement may be added to Guidelines and Consensus Statements. This supplement should be submitted simultaneously with the main manuscript as a Supplementary File, and will, as usual, be evaluated by editors and reviewers. Illustrations added to the online supplement should be numbered as Table S1, Figure S1, and so on.


 Guidelines and Consensus Statements will be published as Special Articles in regular JBP issues.


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