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Year 1997 - Volume 23  - Number 3  (May/June)


1 - Publicações secundárias e instruções redatoriais

Carlos Alberto de Castro Pereira

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):9-


Original Article

2 - Pulmonary rehabilitation: factors related to aerobic improvement in COPD patients

Reabilitação pulmonar: fatores relacionados ao ganho aeróbio de pacientes com DPOC

José Alberto Neder, Luiz Eduardo Nery, Sônia Perez Cendon Filha, Ivone Martins Ferreira, José Roberto Jardim

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):115-123

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Objective: To establish clinical and functional baseline characteristics related to aerobic improvement (AI) after supervised training, in COPD patients submitted to a comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program (PR). Material and methods: Before and after PR was performed in 36 male COPD patients (25 with mild to moderate disease): clinical and anthropometric evaluation, 6-minute walking test, spirometry, arterial blood gas analysis, maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressure measurement, and a symptom-limited incremental cardiopulmonary exercise testing (MGC-CPX System). Supervised training intensity was targeted at the heart rate (HR) corresponding to anaerobic threshold (AT) or at 90% of the maximum HR attained. Results: Initial maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) was negatively correlated with age and positively with the body mass index (BMI), the maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP) and the forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1 ) - p < 0.05. After PR, an increment on submaximal exercise tolerance was found in 29 patients (80.5%); however, AI was only found in 15 individuals (41.6%). AI was associated to the following baseline variables: age < 65 years, AT < 40% of VO2max pred, BMI > 18.5, FEV1 > 60% pre and MIP > 60% pred (p < 0.05). Improvement in MIP and BMI and decrease in the maximum dyspnea score were found only in patients with AI (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Supervised pulmonary rehabilitation in a group of COPD patients was able to increase the submaximal exercise tolerance in most of them. Aerobic improvement was more prevalent in the younger, eutrophic, detrained and least obstructed patient; it was associated with an increment in BMI and MIP and decrease in the maximal dyspnea score after training.


Keywords: COPD. Pulmonary rehabilitation. Exercise training. COPD. Pulmonary rehabilitation. Exercise training.


3 - Influence of cigarette smoking on body weight, food and water consumption, and growth of rats

Influência do tabagismo no ganho ponderal, crescimento corporal, consumo alimentar e hídrico de ratos

Regina Maria Veras Gonçalves-Silva, Márcia Gonçalves Lemos-Santos, Clóvis Botelho

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):124-130

Abstract PDF PT Portuguese Text

The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of cigarette smoking and its cessation on body weight, foot and water consumption, and growth of rats. Thirty-nine male were used; 18 were adults (3 months old) and 21 were young (1.5 months old). In the first phase, the animals were exposed to cigarette smoke for 30 days (smokers) and compared to controls, exposed to clean air. In the second phase, both former smokers and controls were observed for 30 additional days. During both phases, the animals were monitored as to body weight, length, food intake and water consumption. Length was measured only for the young rats. Exposure to smoke significantly suppressed body weight gain (p < 0.05) when compared to controls, either for adult or for young. The smokers' food consumption was significantly reduced when compared to controls. Adult rats showed no difference in water consumption. However, for the young group the difference was significant, lower for smoker (p < 0.05) than controls. The velocity of growth in young smokers was slower than non-smokers. After finishing the exposure to cigarette smoke, body weight and foot consumption increased in smoker rats, reaching the control group. These results suggest that exposure to cigarette smoke affects body weight and food consumption in adult and young rats, in addition to inhibiting growth in length of young rats.


Keywords: Cigarette smoking. Nutrition. Body growth


4 - Pulmonary thromboembolism in necropsies at the Clinics Hospital of Porto Alegre 1985-1995

Tromboembolia pulmonar em necropsias no Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, 1985-1995

Sérgio Menna-Barreto, Marcelle Reesink Cerski, Marcelo Basso Gazzana, Stephen Doral Stefani, Roberta Rossi

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):131-136

Abstract PDF PT Portuguese Text

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to establish the prevalence of pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) in autopsies and its rate of antemortem suspicion at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA). Design: Cohort study with historical data. Setting: School hospital with 728 beds. Patients and methods: The adult autopsy reports were studied from 1985 to 1995 as well as the records of patients whose autopsies diagnosed PTE. Antemortem suspicion of PTE was considered from explicit notes on patients records, from requests of lung scan, or from full anticoagulation. Results: In the period mentioned, 9,607 deaths occurred, and 767 (7.98%) autopsies were performed. Significant PTE (> 1 pulmonary subsegment) in 30 (3.9%) patients. In 3 (10%) patients, PTE was considered the effective cause of death. Clinic suspicion was present in 5 (16.6%) patients; in 25 (83.4%) patients, there were only postmortem findings. Conclusion: PTE rates in autopsies were similar to those found in international literature. The rates of clinical suspicion were half of the ones mentioned in school hospitals in the United States and Europe. PTE was subsuspected in life in patients hospitalized at HCPA.


Keywords: Venous thromboembolism. Deep venous thrombosis. Pulmonary artery. Pulmonary infarction.


5 - Bronchodilating effect with two spacer devices: Jet® and Fisonair®

Efeito de broncodilatador através das câmaras de suspensão "Jet" e "Fisonair

Maria Amélia Carvalho da Silva Santos, Carlos Alberto de Castro Pereira

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):137-140

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Two spacer devices for aerosol inhalation were compared by a crossover study of FEV 1 response to 200 μg of salbutamol in 20 asthmatics evaluated in separate days. Fisonair ® (750 ml reservoir) use led to an average 0.32 L increase in FEV 1, which was significantly higher than the 0.26 L obtained with Jet® (103 ml reservoir) (p = 0.02). Bronchodilator response with Jet® was 21% lower (CI: -7 to -35%) than with Fisonair ® .


Keywords: Asthma. Aerosols. Delivery systems.


Case Report

7 - Diagnóstico diferencial de lesão cavitária em HIV positivo

Maria Inês Bueno de André Valery, Lino Alexandre de Barros, Rimarcs Ferreira

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):143-147


Review Article

8 - Avaliação da qualidade de vida na asma

Ana Luisa Godoy Fernandes, Maria Alenita de Oliveira

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):148-152


9 - Epidemiologia da bronquite crônica e do enfisema (DPOC): até onde sabemos?

Ana Maria Baptista Menezes

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):153-157


Case Report

10 - Pleural lipoma: report of a case

Lipoma pleural: relato de caso

José Wellington Alves dos Santos, Marília Cechella, Júlio Sarturi, Rodrigo Bortoli

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):158-160

Abstract PDF PT Portuguese Text

The authors report a case of pleural lipoma which was found incidentally in a thoracic roentgenogram. The radiographic studies were inconclusive about the nature of the lesion. The diagnosis was established by histologic study of the tumor excised by thoracotomy, after an inconclusive cytologic study obtained by transthoracic fine needle aspiration.


Keywords: Lipoma. Pleura.


11 - Benign teratoma of the lung: report of a case

Teratoma benigno de pulmão: relato de um caso

Ana Luiza Engelhorn, Fabiana Maria Geraldi, Maria Helena Varela, Renata Ferreira de Camargo

J Bras Pneumol.1997;23(3):161-164

Abstract PDF PT Portuguese Text

A 23 female patient presented with productive cough, vomica and hair elimination in the sputum. Chest X-ray and CT showed a pulmonary abscess in the right lower lobe. The clinical treatment failed. A lobectomy was done and showed a benign lung teratoma, a very rare disease.


Keywords: Teratoma. Thoracic neoplasms.



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